Preventative Dentistry

Preventative Dentistry encompasses a range of services such as oral hygiene instruction, dietary advice, fluoride treatment and fissure sealants
Oral hygiene instruction (OHI) involves an assessment of your existing brushingand flossing technique and advice and tips on how to improve your existing technique as well as new ways of removing plaque (bacteria) from your teeth. We discuss products such as electric toothbrushes, water flossers, mouthrinses and high fluoride toothpaste which you can use to lower your risk of developing decay and gum disease.
Dietary advicebegins with assessment of your existing diet. Following this assessment, advice is provided regarding changes that can be made to lower your risk of developing dental decay and gum disease.Fluoride treatment involves the application of a gel or varnish with concentrated fluoride that changes the chemical structure of your teeth and makes them more resistant to developing dental decay.
Fissure sealantsarea thin layer of dental filling material that are applied on back teeth to prevent them developing decay.Premolar and molar teeth naturally have fissures or grooves. The fissures can sometimes be thinand deep which makes them hard to clean. Bacteria and food can get stuck inside the fissures and cause decay. The fissure sealant prevents food and bacteria getting stuck inside the fissures.

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