Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment is treatment of infection or inflammation of the pulp. The pulp is located deep inside each tooth. It contains nerves, blood vessels and connective tissue. The pulp can become severely inflamed or infected due to a deep cavity, extensive dental work to the tooth, breakdown of a filling or crown, a crack in the tooth, or injury. If left untreated, these teeth can cause severe pain and may lead to a dental abscess. In order to save such teeth, root canal treatment is needed.

In order to assess if a root canal is needed, the dentist will examine the tooth and take an x-ray. The dentist will then talk to you about the process, the cost and any alternate treatment options that you have.
If you decide to proceed, the dentist will administer local anaesthetic to numb the tooth. A sheet of latex, called rubber dam, will be placed over your mouth in order to isolate the tooth.
The dentist will then drill into the tooth, remove the pulp, clean and shape the root canals and seal the root canals. The procedure can take two to three appointments depending on the tooth and the complexity of the case

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